58mm Cantilever Pads



Made for recreational mountain and hybrid riding with cantilever brake callipers.
Universal cantilever pads for your mountain bike or hybrid bike calipers.

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CompatibilityFor cantilever brakes only.
Long-lasting effectHard rubber for lasting use.
VersatilityFor any weather.
Water drainageWide grooves for better water drainage.
Weight47,6 g per pair.
Waranty2 Years
Weight47,6 g per pair.
Information / Concept / Technologie
Structure : 80.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Structure : 20.0% Zinc Alloy

Maintenance tips
Ensure your brake pads are parallel to the rim for even wear of the rubber. For the correct mounting of your brake pads visit our workshops.


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Cantilever Brake Pads
Used for 1 week or less
As the bolt is not central there are 2 options for putting these in. Seems that it should be "long" bit forward. First attempt I managed to get them in incorrect. Had to walk round to Halfords and read how similar ones there were intended to go in. Off to buy a second set tomorrow - why did I just get one set, A bike needs 2 ?
Good, easy to fit does the job well
Needs an indication of Front/Rear or Left/Right
Cantilever brake pads
I purchased an old secondhand bike and soon found out that the brakes were almost non-existant. I took a punt and replaced both front and rear pads with these Bwtin cantllever pads. The difference was remarkable. A test brake brought the rear wheel up, as opposed to not stopping, a vast improvement. For the price they are unbeatable, I would recommend buying them.
Excellent braking
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