Compass C300



Made for REGULAR athletes, for orientation.
Easy-to-use compass with declination adjustment.

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PrecisionClear baseplate compass with declination adjustment.
Ease of useDetachable cord (with lanyard).
Waranty2 Years
Technical Information

Baseplate compass
Main features: - Precise thanks to the graduated rotating bezel to help determine and memorize the direction. - Transparent to easily read through the map informations. - Plate graduation (inch, 1/25 000, …) to measure distances on the map.
Declination adjustment
This model features a declination adjustment so that you can adjust the variation between magnetic North and true North, and get more precise measurements.
Use your compass flat
For your compass to precisely indicate the magnetic north, use it flat. Hold it in the palm of your hand. For use with a map, lay your map flat and put the compass on the map.
If your compass loses its bearings
Use your compass away from magnetic sources or it could lose its bearings: high-voltage line, cell phone, keys, metal objects... even the influence of another compass could modify its direction
Information / Concept / Technologie
Board : 100.0% Acrylic (PAN) Cap : 90.0% Acrylic (PAN), Cap : 10.0% Steel


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It's ok
Used for 1 week or less
I didn't even use it, just carried it on the trek in my backpack and a bubble formed in the compass. This means that the solution inside must have leaked from somewhere. A bubble in the compass means it will give error.
strap is good, scales are of help, simple to use.
bubble formed in it
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